Digital cash book, 100% free and secure.
KONNASH Free Bookkeeping App
Record your customers' debts and payments, simplify follow-up and speed up collection.
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Keep track of your customers’ debts. No more confusion!
Send reminders via SMS or Whatsapp through the application, strengthen the bond of trust with customers and speed up debt payment.
Share reminders via SMS or WhatsApp.
Automatically generate periodic reports for debt collection. No more losing money due to errors or misunderstandings. Enjoy life!
Get your PDF reports instantly.
Your notebook and its information are very valuable. Backing up both online and local data on your phone guarantees 100% security.
Free Automatic
Data Backup.
Run your offline store with Mahaal app, set up your points of sale and manage your business wherever you are.
Discover Mahaal App
Discover Mahaal App
You want to build your products catalog and track sales & inventory?
Konnash, the ideal Bookkeeping solution for all ambitious merchants.
Repairs & Services
Wholesalers & Distributors
This app saves your data from being breached. Using the phone number, the users can reopen their accounts and recover all of their data. May God bless you.
- Merchant
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Data Backup
Runs on any Android device
to use
100% free
and secure
Collect, track and manage customer debts.
Forget pens, paper, and calculators, and take advantage of the features of Konnash.
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